The word something has different meanings depending on the context. It represents all individuals (top concept). It represents any data value of any data type. It starts a general rule about all things. It can be used for defining a new concept as an intersection or union of other concepts or for stating that two concepts are equivalent.


This example shows how to use the keyword something in different ways.

Example: Top concept, equivalent to a thing.
John is something.
John is a thing.
Example: Any data value of any data type.
Every X that is a man is-unique-if X has-id equal-to something.
Example: Concept equivalence.
Something is a boy if-and-only-if-it is a young-male-man.
Example: Concept intersection.
Something is a young-male-man if-and-only-if-it is a young-thing and is a male-thing and is a person.
Example: Concept union.
Something is a child if-and-only-if-it is a boy and-or is a girl.